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Capsules-Direct-FitsCapsules-Direct-FitsDirect-fit Capsules.  Guardhouse coin holders precisely fit U.S. coinage. 
Capsules New EcoCore Direct FitsCapsules New EcoCore Direct FitsEvoCore coin capsules are molded from archival PMMA, an acrylic know for its optical clarity, impact strength and extreme scratch resistance.
EvoCore features an all new proprietary notch design, which makes opening the capsule is as easy as turning a key. You can use a mini screwdriver or similar tool into the notch, and pop it open
Capsules-Air-Tite Black, White, Green & Red RingCapsules-Air-Tite Black, White, Green & Red RingModel A, Coin capsules, inside 25.85 mm, outside 30.93 mm.
Model T, Coin capsules, inside 31.41 mm, outside 36.49 mm.
Model H Coin capsules, inside 39.37 mm, outside 44.45 mm.
Model I Coin capsules, inside 46.17 mm, outside 51.58 mm.

These ring type Air-Tite coin holders are safe for long term storage or display of your coin collection.  Acrylic capsules and foam (Volara) rings are completely PVC free and will never damage or harm your coin.
Coin Capsules Lighthouse Direct FitsCoin Capsules Lighthouse Direct FitsDirect fit, clear, round coin capsules for U.S. and foreign coins. Sold in packs of 1 by mm size.
  • Made of extra durable, scratch resistant acrylic.
  • Chemically inert. Acid- and softener-free.
  • Securely locking, yet easy to open.
  • Sizes to fit most common US and international coins.
  • Compatible with Lighthouse coin boxes.
Coin Holders Everslabs SlabCoin Holders Everslabs SlabEVERSLAB coin holders perfectly integrate into your current collection system for regular certified coin holders (“slabs”). • Capsules are made from clear and scratch resistant plastic. • Capsules and inserts are chemically inert and free from PVC, acids, or chemical softeners.
Coin Holders Tetra SnaplocksCoin Holders Tetra SnaplocksPlastic 2 x 2 snaplock case with EVA blackfoam interior.
Coin 2 x 2 Snaplocks HoldersCoin 2 x 2 Snaplocks HoldersSnaplocks For display or long-term storage. Made of inert polystyrene that will not harm coins. These holders snap tightly together for an efficient and economical way to store and display coins. (Note: Coin is not inclued)
Coin Snaplocks StripsCoin Snaplocks StripsThese holders snap together fo an efficient and economical way to store and display coins.
Special Occasion HoldersSpecial Occasion HoldersCapital holder offers the widest line of quality coin holders. If you don't see the holder you need please contact sale dept.

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